Creating Academic and Spiritual Foundations for Tomorrow's Leaders

Saint John Paul II Catholic School provides students with enriching educational opportunities and additional learning outside of the scope of the classroom, while offering experiences in leadership, community outreach, working as part of a team, school spirit, compassion and responsibility, and identity within our school community.


For the past 60 years, graduates of Saint John Paul II School and Holy Cross School have lived the values and spread the messages acquired in this community of Faith and friendship. Our graduates have made an impact on the community of New Britain as well as the communities in which they now live. Saint John Paul II School will continue to exist in those students who live these values daily and carry the memories of their time here within their hearts forever. God bless our students, teachers, principal, parents, current and former graduates, and all those who consider themselves part of this community.

"For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst."           Matthew 18:20 


 View our video about Saint John Paul II School here produced by our 2014 Grade 8 Class. From the inside out, hear what our students say about SJPII School.


Our Mission Statement:

Saint John Paul II School is a diverse, faith-based community that thrives on helping, loving, and respecting others.  We encourage creativity and innovation to ignite individual potential and increase academic achievement.



 Please take the time to read a few testimonials that some parents, grandparents, and alumni/ae have been kind enough to share with us.


"I sent my daughter to Saint John Paul II School because of the safe environment and educational possibilities that the school offers. The classroom and all other facilities are bright, clean, and very well maintained. Kamila wanted to go to school every day! 

I felt very confident that she would have a better opportunity to learn all of the required skills to do better prepare her for the technological world that lies ahead. The teachers take thier responsibilities very seriously, yet make things exciting for the students. They know where my daughter was in each developmental area and guided her to learn new things. They taught and model behavior such as being mindful of others, self-control, constructively communicating with each other, etc. They make learning fun and interesting. This school gave Kamila the education that parents dream of their children having. Her entry exam to St. Paul High School was one of the best. Besides that, the great science and math classes helped her become a winner of Connecticut Science and Engineering Fair not once but twice. One of her projects was awarded by Popular Mechanics with a Breakthrough Innovator award. All these awards are also SJP2's awards, and the teacher's awards."



" When I started attending Saint John Paul II Catholic School over nine years ago I wasn't able to speak English. The school I was supposed to go to before my parents decided to send me to Saint John Paul's wanted to hold me back a year due to my lack of English skills. When my parents took me to see Saint John Paul II School, the teachers never said that I was to stay back a year, in fact, they tool it as a challenge. No matter what grade I was in, the teachers always made sure that both me and my fellow classmates were the best people and students that we could be. When I was in Middle School, my teachers decided to enter the school into the Connecticut Science and Engineering Fair and I was fortunate enough to be one of the students who got to compete two years in a row. I was a finalist in both the years that I competed, and I am planning to compete again. I recently found out that I will be getting national recognition as a "Breakthrough Innovator" from Popular Mechanics for my eighth grade science fair project. Getting national recognition from Popular Mechanics as a Breakthrough Innovator is an honor that amazing people such as Elon Musk have gotten in the past. I owe my success to the teachers in Saint John Paul II School."

Kamila Krawczuk


 "My daughter, Ariana, attended middle school at Saint John Paul II and received an excellent education with a deep sense of spiritual understanding.  Although Ariana excels academically the Saint John Paul II Middle School teachers challenged my daughter to reach higher levels of achievement.  They introduced her to programs for gifted children, submitted her writing for recognition resulting in her having a poem published, and ahe was admitted to the National Junior Honor Society.

Although we found Saint John Paul II's middle school academic programs suited our daughter, what stands out is the warm, family-like setting and the teachers' commitment and sincere concern for her advancement.  Ariana now attends Northwest Catholic High School and upon admission received a scholarship for achieving high scores on their entry exam.  She was thoroughly prepared for high school and is receiving First Honors.  I credit Saint John Paul II's middle school program for building a strong academic foundation for Ariana to succeed in both high school and college and helping her recognize her potential to reach all of her life goals." 

Nina Caruso

"Saint John Paul II provides highly academic education in a warm, friendly, parent-involved atmosphere."

Phyllis Hary
(Former Elementary Educator)
(Parent and Grandparent to Holy Cross and now Saint John Paul II students)


Because you asked us.... in Grades Pre-K 3 – 8, we have students from Berlin, Bristol, Kensington, New Britain, Newington, and Southington registered at our school, and these students represent 11 different faiths / churches.